Beyond the


Dear Sue,
When you first sent me Sasha’s picture via email, I knew that she was the kitten for me. I can’t thank you enough for sending me weekly pictures of her so that I could watch her grow until it was time for me to fly to you from NY to pick her up. She was so good on the plane home and from the moment she was in my arms I realize what a special kitten she indeed was. Sasha is our pride and joy and by far the most special cat I have ever known. This I know is because of her wonderful upbringing, nurturing and special attentionshereceived as a tiny kitten from you. You are such a wonderful person and it shows thru your kittens. Every day when I look at my Sasha I think of you and can’tbelieve she is actually mine.
Janine B., Brooklyn, New York


McDreamy has been nothing less than a “dream”…we are so happy with him. He is very mellow and tolerant of our four rambunctious kids. McDreamy has all the classic Ragdoll characteristics and we love him! I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Beyond the Valleyragdolls for an adorable and loving pet.
– The MacL family, Mahtomedi, MN


Hi Sue,
Sola and Luna are the best cats that we could have asked for! They are doing great, are a huge hit with all our friends, relatives, and dads’ coworkers. You can see how much they’ve grown, and how much darker their colors have gotten. Thanks for everything!
Sammy O., Burlington, Wisconsin

Hi Sue,
Thought you would like to see the loves of my life. They are wonderful! I did not declaw and they have learned the word “post”!

Thanks so much for all the joy you bring!
Evelyn H., Reedsburg, Wisconsin


These cats have been very very well taken care of. The Vet thinks they are beautiful cats. I really feel they are quality kittens. Whisper is outstanding, his tail is huge and he will be shown next year in 4-H. Cashmere has an outstanding personality. Both kittens are very loyal to me. The kittens have never been sick a day in their life. They came to me very healthy. I must add the kittens go to the nursing home and bring much joy to the elderly. They also like ridding in the car just to be with me. If you want a true loyal
friend choose a raddoll from Sue.
Janice M.,Crawfordsville, Indianna

gryphon young

When you first emailed me the pictures of Gryphon, I knew he was ours. He is the sweetest big guy and gets along fantastic with all our other pets. He and our doberman, Bailey, have a very special friendship. He will actually groom her. He not only is a loving affectionate guy, but he is comical and makes us laugh all the time. He is a wonderful addition to our family and loves to go camping with us. He loves going for rides in the car, and even uses the dash as a sun bed. He is a very healthy boy and has never been sick since we’ve had him. We can tell that you love your cats and kittens and spend a lot of time with them. He is the flame ragdoll I always dreamed of owning and so much more. Thank you so much for our big guy, and for all of your help and support since he’s come home with us.
You and your kittens are all gems.
Stacey R.,Beaver Dam, Wisconsin


I owned cats all my life and my first ragdoll kitten was purchased from Beyond the Valleyragdolls in the summer of 2007. I did a lot of research before deciding on a ragdoll. I chose Beyond the Valleyragdolls because Sue was very personable, and the kittens and cats are in a wonderful loving home environment. The markings and colors surpassed any others I saw on other websites. My ragdoll, Dolly, is the best cat I have ever owned. Her fur truly feels soft like a rabbit and barely sheds. She is loving and playful, waiting by the door for me when I come home. She purrs often, and loves to play with my dogs. She is very inquisitive and smart. I recommend Beyond the Valleyragdolls to anyone searching to purchase a unique kitten that will bring you years of companionship and joy.
Dawn P., Rogers, Minnesota

If your value your privacy and want your cat to keep it’s distance, don’t get one of these cats! I have owned several different breeds during my lifetime and these are the most remarkably loving and attentive cats that I have ever been around! They will follow you from room to room and will want to be involved in everything you do… even if it’s just laying around watching TV! If you want a loving, one-of-a-kind cat that will capture your heart and are looking for a great breeder, my wife and I could not be happier with Beyond the Valleyragdolls!
Update: as of November 2008 –
Sue, thank your so much for your help in adding our latest addition to the family, Winston, our blue point male ragdoll from Sasha & Kayo. He is everything we could have hoped for! Our two girls, Sophie and Tasha have welcomed him into our home and give him constant attention. I doubt we would have given serious consideration to a 3rd cat if we didn’t have access to you as a breeder. All your kittens are exceptionally sweet, friendly, healthy and we can’t imagine life without these special ragdoll cats to share it with us!
Thank you for all of your time and continued support!
Steve & Marcia A., Mound, Minnesota


When I first brought Fausty home, he was a little shy. I already had my other cat for 4 years prior to him, and he is a very big and scary cat. At first I tried to separate them, but it was a hassle, and after about a day, I decided to just let them meet to see what would happen. It wasn’t long after I introduced them that they
were getting along like old friends! The thing I really like about Fausty is that he’s so very docile. You can pick him up and hold him and he never complains. He’s also very playful and energetic and will play (show off) for hours with the right toy. I’m never lonely when doing the housework because he follows me everywhere, at all times! I suppose my only advice for future owners of Sue’s ragdoll kittens is to watch your fet because they really like to help you do whatever your’re doing! Since I’ve had such good luck with this kitty, I’m considering another one soon. It’s a bit of a drivefrom Ames, Iowa but given the good health and good nature of Beyond the Valleyragdolls kittens, it’s definately worth the trip.
Update: As of May, 2008, Kari made the trip out and has added Louis Vitton to her ragdoll family!
– Karri H., Ames, Iowa

flora and violet

Dear Sue,
I wanted to let you know that Violet has been a perfect addition to our family. My children adore her. She has been the best Christmas present. Her temperament is amazing – she’s so sweet, adaptable, and playful. She immediately dominated our 70lb German Wirehair Pointer. She even lets Violet eat his food. She gets carried around all day by my 3 year old, Flora. We joke that Violet will forget how to walk. We are continually impressed by her good nature and disposition. This is our first ragdoll, but I’m sure it won’t be our last.Thank you so much for all your terrific help and the wonderful pictures. You made the adoption process a real pleasure. Our family couldn’t be happier with the kitten or the process.
– Elizabeth P., Minneapolis, Minnesota


Petunia was our first beautiful blue tortie kitten from Beyond the Valleyragdolls, and Tucker is our second, flame bicolor kitty with the most beautiful red tail. Both have been fabulous with great personalities! They love to be with our family, we have 3 kids, ages 13-6. Tucker is so laid back, he just goes with the flow and lets the kids do anything with him. They purr non stop and meet us at the door. We feel so lucky to have found him and Sue has been absolutely the greatest. From my first phone call to her, she listened to what we were looking for in a cat and helped me choose which of her available kittens would fit our family. She always took her time in answering my questions. When I came to get Petunia, she showed me her cattery. What a great place it is! One look, and I could tell her cats were of the utmost importance; and were very well cared for. I was able to see the newborn kittens; those that needed a little peace and quiet; and those getting ready for their new homes. They are so well taken care of, the kittens and the moms have a great living space. Before sending me on my way, Sue went over the paperwork, food and schedule, making sure I was well prepared when we got home. She has been here to answer questions as they arise. I believe you can’t go wrong with any kitten from Sue.
A kitten from Sue is worth their weight in gold!
Ann M., Little Falls, Minnesota

We had a really hard time finding a pet that worked for our family. We live in a small house right on the highway. We’ve tried dogs, but it was difficult to find a small enough dog who still had a good disposition. We had an outside dog only to have it wiggle it’s way out of the fence and get hit by a car. Same with our outside cat, Inside cats weren’t an option because of our allergies. Then our daughter showed me an article on Ragdoll cats. They seemed to have all the characteristics we were looking for, plus would work in our small house. But finding one was a different story. Finally, we found Sue on the internet. She made me wait for our new family member, bearable with adorable pictures and updates every week. Bella has been the best pet we have ever had. Family and friends come over to visit and they can’t get enough of her! We will never buy a ragdoll from anyone else because we know how much Sue cares for each and every cat and how much she wants to make this an enjoyable experience for both you and your kitten. She was there to answer all our questions. it made a big difference having that kind of support. I will always recommend ragdolls and only from Sue at
Beyond the Valleyragdolls!
Carrie K.,Stetsonville, Wisconsin

Jake and Nova

I purchased 2 kittens from Beyond the Valleyragdolls about a year and half ago and absolutely adore them! In fact, I adored them so much that I had to get a 3rd about 8 months ago. My boys have grown up to be such great cats and have wonderful personalities. My oldest, Jake, by only a week is so intuitive to my emotions and listens like a little puppy not to mention he is so beautiful to look at. All of my cats get along great and love to play with my two little ferrets; they are all pals. Jake, my seal color point, Nova, my blue color point and Sabre, my flame color point are all so spoiled it is ridiculous. It is toys galore at our home and they are so fun to watch at play with each other and with the toys. They will definitely make you laugh and it is true that they follow you from room to room. Jake and Sabre especially have to know where I am at every moment I am home with them. Jake loves to give hugs and kisses and Sabre just loves to cuddle no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing. Not only are my cats phenomenal, but Sue is friendly, helpful and a pleasure to do business with as well. She truly cares about her Ragdolls as a breeder which is why I have only purchased mine through her. When you are looking for quality, it is important to know that you’re purchasing from someone who is truly passionate about what they do and she most definitely is.
– Sarah N., Minneapolis, MN


Thank you so much for suggesting I consider the chocolate tortie kitten (our Kailani) when I was looking at kittens. She is sweet and so pretty and very playful and perfect for our family. My sons and husband love her too. She has been so busy since we got home and is really having fun with all her new kitten toys. Today she is interacting with the two older cats we already had. She wanted to meet them the second day and reached out her paw under the gate as if to say hello but they weren’t quite ready to meet her. However today they spent some time together during the day and did very well. Kailani is so happy and a joy to have around! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who loves cats and wants a ragdoll!
Thank you again for everything!
Rebecca B., Burlington, Kentucky

gracie and max

Just wanted to update you on my babies.. They are absolutely the sweetest kitties I’ve ever seen…everyone loves them. I went to Florida a couple of weeks ago and they stayed with a friend of mine for 5 days…she didn’t want to give them back! They are very mellow cats, yet they still play like kittens…they are so much fun to watch. I want to thank you again for such a wonderful addition to my household. All I know is that they are both beautiful, gentle kittens, with unique personalities. I never thought I would have two cats at the same time and now, truthfully, had I known what wonderful temperaments they have, I might have gotten three!
Jeanne G., Appleton, WI

punky 1
punky 2a

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to give you a 1 year update on Punky and share with you some adorable photos. Punky is doing absolutely wonderful, bringing joy to our family everyday! Everyone loves her and the first thing that seems to come out of the mouths of visiting friends and family is, “Where’s Punky?” Punky and our golden retriever, Lilly, have become best friends, and I’m always finding them cuddling together. When she’s not cuddling with the other pets and people in the house. I seem to find her in a bowl, a basket, a sink or ins ome other random object. It’s the cutest thing! She truly is a blessing and I am so fortunate to have found your website and been introduced to my little baby almost a year ago. It was definately worth the trip out there to get her. I look forward to the day when I am able to add another ragdoll to our family and will certainly be coming to you! And you can believe anyone I come across looking for the perfect pet will be referred to you. Thank you again for my incredible angel!
Tara, Baltimore, Maryland

milo and bogie2

A Tail of Two Brothers
My husband and I are empty nesters after raising four children. Last fall sadly we were losing our beloved 12 year old cat Indy to kidney failure. I knew we would want to continue to have a little fluff running around the house. I had heard how wonderful ragdoll cats are. I started to look at several different breeders from all parts of the country. I had contacted several breeders and spoke to them. As soon as I spoke with Sue Gerstenzang from Beyond the Valleyragdolls, my search was over. Sue couldn’t have been more helpful, knowledgeable, kind and so passionate about her “babies”. I had seen two kittens on Sue’s website that just seemed to belong to us. I talked to Sue about the two litter mates and soon enough we put our deposits down on brothers Milo (pink nose) and Bogie (black nose). The two 1 month old kittens would be able to come home at 10 weeks. In the meantime Sue sent weekly pictures and updates on how the boys were doing. Sue was always available to take phone calls and help with any home planning for the new kittens. We drove to Sue’s home to find her waiting at the door holding these two little fluff balls (adorable). Sue gave us a tour of her historic farm house. Her home is her cattery with the kitten nurseries located on the main floor. We had a great time getting to know the females as they have free roam of the home and are friendly and affectionate. You can tell how much Sue loves and takes meticulous care her “babies”. It was time to go and we loaded up new little charges, off we went. Once we got the boys home, it took them about a day to figure out they were home and they were off to the races. The boys are just gentle, lovable, fun and funny. They have to be in the same room we are if not on our laps. They greet and love anybody that comes to the house. We no longer worry about leaving the cat too long as the boys have each other. They are true buddies and pal around together all the time. We wondered about how it would be with two cats and often talk about how glad we are to have made that decision. My husband is retired and home with the boys, they keep him endlessly entertained. I come home to new Milo and Bogie stories every night. We have a cabin where we spend most weekends, we load up the boys and they come with us, they are laid back and anything goes. The two of then were litter box trained and to this day have not had one accident in either house. We brought Milo and Bogie to the vet and she was very complimentary on how healthy they are and their affectionate dispositions ( they even like the vet ). They are growing like weeds and at 7 months weigh about 8 & 9 pounds I would not hesitate to recommend purchasing a kitten or two from Sue Gerstenzang from Beyond the Valleyragdolls. Sue will not just be there for the sale of her kittens, she is there to help and give advice long after your kitten goes home, I know, I have called her a few times and she was so helpful and gracious.
John & Wendy P., Duluth, Minnesota


Meet Lulu, loving cuddly, affectionate and full of life. When she’s not asleep on my lap, shoulders or chest, she is making me laugh; and by the way she is not for sale!
I recently lost “my Zoe”, my 7 year old Birman, however, still have Zoe’s sister Mellie, I wanted to get another kitty for Mellie, as she and Zoe were sisters and very close. Mellie had lost her spunk, seemed more reserved and wasn’t playing much anymore. I began looking for another Birman when my neighbor mentioned the Ragdoll breed. One thing lead to another and I found Sue and Beyond the Valleyragdolls. I had never brought home an animal on-line, and at first was a little anxious about doing so. She put my mind to ease in a matter of hours. Sue was (and is) quick to answer emails, and any questions you may have; explaining the process of purchasing one of her babies. I reserved one of Crumpets’ kittens, sight unseen. I wanted a female, seal point, and preferably with white mittens. I kept talking to Zoe, telling Zoe that I was relying on her to help me get just the right new sister for Mellie; personality being most important. When Crumpet did deliver, there was one female, a seal point, and she had white mittens, Zoe had come through for me. Every week, Sue sent a photo of Lulu and an update on her development. I was amazed at how much she changed from week to week; getting cuter and cuter. The entire process of waiting was exciting and fun. I could hardly wait for the weekly photo. And as time got closer for pick up, I felt like a five year old waiting for Christmas.
Friends and neighbors asked, “You LIVE in Virginia, you can’t find anyone closer than Wisconsin?” I said, “No, I’ve never met Sue but am so impressed with care and follow-through.” Sue is an expert at answering your questions, addressing your concernes and responding after you’ve brought your new kitty home. The exchange at the airport was easy and everything Sue said it would be. Lulu continues to to make me laugh, and Mellie is happy, playful and full of life again. You can trust Sue, her word, and the quality of her cats, undconditionally.
Barbara C., Leesburg, Virginia

calvin and annie

The day we decided to bring home brother and sister Ragdoll kittens, we were and have been pleasantly surprised by the deep love and joy that Calvin and Annie have brought into our lives. They enjoy each others’ companionship, so we are thankful to have two Ragdoll kittens. It didn’t take them very long to warm up to our three dogs. Annie has staked claim on Riley’s kennel and can be found snuggling along side of any one of our three dogs. We are glad that we purchased our kitten from Sue, becuase she is a fountain of information and happlily answers our many questions. Most important reasons that we went with Beyond the Valleyragdolls for our kittens, Sue litterboxed trained the kittens, taught them their names, and spent time holding them! All of these things were so important, because when we brought our kittens home, there were ready to be our family pets.
Carole & Bill K., Williamsburg, Iowa


After much research, I decided a Ragdoll cat would be perfect for me. I stumbled upon Sue’s website, Beyond the Valleyragdolls, and knew I was going to work with Sue at getting a ragdoll kitten from her cattery. Sue is an amazing breeder, business woman, and person. She is very friendly and approachable. She cares so much about her cats. Some breeders just mass produce cats with minimal care, but Sue pampers and spoils the kittens the second they are born. Each week, Sue sends an update and photo of your kitten. It’s so wonderful when you are waiting anxiously for your little one to come home.
After Hagrid, my seal bicolor came home, I was amzed at how true the “typical ” Ragdoll personality really is. Hagrid is super sweet, he kneads and purrs constantly. He follows us from room to room and waits patiently in the bathroom for me to come out of the shower. After my mom met Hagrid, she knew she had to have a Ragdoll from Sue. Soon after, Buddly, her seal point came home. Not long after that, Edward, my flame point came home,
to keep Hagrid company.
Each kitten is very healthy, and sweet, with his own personality. It’s so much fun to watch the three kittens play together. I would highly recommend Sue as your first choice Ragdoll breeder. My mom and I are so satisfied with our wonderful kittens. We’d just like to thank Sue for a honest care-free easy business experience, and for our beautiful, fun, adorable Ragdoll kittens!
Andrea and Diana N, Eau Claire, Wisconsin


It has been almost a year since I first contacted Sue about my ragdoll kitten. I had just been to California and met a ragdoll kitten there and fell in love. When I got home from California, I started my search for ragdoll breeders, then I found the Beyond Valleyragdolls website and felt this was a very good match. I called the next day and when I listened to Sue and how passionately she talked about her cats and kittens, she confirmed my decision of getting a kitten from her. I put a deposit down as soon as we got off the phone. The only kitten she had available at that time, was the smallest kitten of the litter (the runt) and she told me upfront that this kitten might have to stay longer, and may need some special supplements. I told her I was fine with the small one and was willing to do whatever it would take to get her caught up. Every Wednesday, Sue would send a new photo and an update on how she was doing. It was the highlight of my week. Jasmine left at 14 weeks, and that was fine. Sue is so careful the kittens are are ready, she does not rush them out. When the day came to pick up my Jasmine, Sue came to the door with my little girl and put her in my arms, and I can’t explain how happy I was. She had been bathed and paws trimmed. Sue gave us a tour of her nurseries and was just amazed at how she is all set up!! This is a 24/7 job for her and her house is devoted to her cats/kittens, in which her house is very clean and immaculate with all these kittens and female cats!!

Our Jasmine only took a few days before she was after our english bulldog wanting to play! She often sleeps with the dog. She now has a new little sister, Belle, another smaller kitten, that I requested. I got Belle 5 months after my Jasmine, and they are great friends! Both kittens caught up quickly in size, hard to believe they were small once. They have brought me so much company and they want to be with me all the time and are so loving. My husband who used to hate cats just adores my 2 girls and is always picking them up and loving them, they sure changed his mind. I have seen other ragdolls and they just don’t compare to Beyond Valleyragdolls for looking healthy and as beautiful. Sue is a very special person and I completely trust her for advice and her love of ragdolls.
– Sandy O., Blaine, Minnesota

Sweetie 3

Hi Sue,
Our Ragdoll kittens are such a huge part of our lives, we have fallen in love with them. Sweetie is growing fast and is probably double the size of his best pal Cutie Pie, who is our little princess, and so cuddly. Sweetie is a lover and always waiting to be loved! Both are tremendously affectionate, friendly, loving and cuddly. They are inseparable to one another and to us. They follow us around the house purring constantly, always wanting to be next to us or on our lap. It’s been amazing! The kids LOVE them, especially my youngest Mateo, who seems to carry them around most of the day. Thank you Sue for giving them such an amazing start in life. You are the reason they are so people oriented and we are grateful. We love them with all our hearts and could not have dreamt of getting better kittens. They are healthy and thriving, gorgeous and affectionate. We get positive comments about how wonderful they are wherever we go. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful experience!
The Lelie Family, Fargo, North Dakota


I called Sue about Ragdoll kittens just a few days after a litter had been born. Sue was so skillful with helping me settle on what kinds of kittens would best suit our family. I could also tell that she was “interviewing” me to make sure her kittens went to a home that would love and nurture her babies! Getting weekly photos and updates on our pair of kittens was great to make the time pass faster as we waited for 12 long weeks! Sue patiently answered my many questions about bringing home and raising kittens. It had been a long time since we had baby  cats in the house, since we were “replacing” an irreplaceable pair of cats that we had for 19 years. It felt like we were starting over in a big way and I had so many questions! The happy day finally arrived when we could pickup our kittens. Sue met us at the door with one precious kitten in each arm, showed us around the house and introduced us to the other cats and the mother of our cat. She also answered more questions. She could not have been more gracious and friendly. Our kittens are now a year old and are growing fast into beautiful, friendly, healthy, affectionate cats. They both have interesting and unique personalities, follow us everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) in the house. They love to spend time cuddling and playing with one another, and also love to interact with us. Our ragdolls from Beyond the Valleyragdolls fill our lives with great joy and have become members of the family. Everyone should feel confident in doing business with Sue at Beyond the Valleyragdolls; you will have a positive experience and come away with beautiful kittens that will grow into beautiful cats!

Jackie and Steve R.- Plymouth, Minnesota

Nedra has been a wonderful addition to our family! She is so loving and patient with our little girls and loves to spend time with all of us. We are constantly receiving compliments on how pretty she is and people asking what kind of cat she is. She has such a great personality and loves to curl up next to us on the couch. We loved receiving photos each week to watch her grow. Our daughters looked forward to it each and every Sunday afternoon. We each felt like we knew her before we arrived. When we picked her up, we drove to Minneapolis from Omaha and made a nice trip out of it. We spent time at the Mall of America, and the next morning came out to pick up Nedra. You were very helpful in making sure we understood the dos and don’ts of cat ownership as it was our first kitten. You were always willing to answer any questions or concerns that we had . It shows  that you really and truly do care about your cats and the kittens. We can not thank you enough, and we look forward to one day buying another kitten from Beyond the Valleyragdolls.
We all love our kitten and simply can’t get enough of her.
Thanks again!

Annie & Brett C., Omaha, Nebraska


We had been without any pets for many years when I started researching ragdolls. I found Sue and I’m so grateful I did! Our first ragdoll was a little mitted chocolate girl. When w e made the 3 hour trip to bring her home, she seemed to know she was ours immediately. She stretched out on my lap and slept and purred all the way home. She captured our hearts and it wasn’t very long before we knew we needed another one to keep our Moka company. I contacted Sue again and soon made another trip for our little blue point girl, Bella. These beautiful little kittens were comfortable in their new home immediately. They are the friendliest, funniest, softest, most loving pets, and they were like this from the second we picked them up, thanks to Sue.

When you drive away with your precious little cargo, that’s not the end of the relationship with Sue. She is always there to answer any questions, help you out and she knows everything there is to know about ragdolls. Do not hesitate to get a ragdoll from Sue, but beware, one will not be enough!

Larry and Joyce J. – Mason, Wisconsin