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Kitten Pick up Policy

Please keep in mind when selecting and reserving kittens; All kittens must leave on the scheduled scheduled leaving date. Pick up before the date of leaving is not possible.

All times and days of pick-up must be confirmed 3 weeks before the scheduled ready date. All pickup days are always scheduled on Saturdays. Pickup appointments are scheduled during DAY hours between (10 am – 3 pm) on the set day for your litter.

Evening pick-ups are NOT possible. If a scheduled time and day for pickup is not confirmed 3 weeks before the ready date; the kitten sale will be cancelled and that kitten will become available for purchase again. Deposits are not refunded. This is not negotiable.

Scheduling a Custom pickup date after accepting a kitten that has a scheduled ready date for their litter, will add up to an additional $165 fee to your balance. Custom scheduling is not always possible. Delay to the following Saturday may be the only option. An extra fee will still be added if there is a delay to the following Saturday.

All ready dates are determined by age, ability, and required time for all preparation for leaving. Pickups before a scheduled ready date are NEVER an option.

Altering Contract Required to be Signed at Purchase time.
WE DO NOT SELL KITTENS FOR BREEDING. Our ragdoll kittens are sold as a Pet that will be neutered or spayed at the recommended age. You must agree to get your kitten altered by 6 months old. This is a spay for females, neuter for males. At pickup, our required legal alter agreement is signed. Documentation of proof of Spay or Neuter is required to receive your TICA registration form and also to continue your health guarantee.

There are serious health risks altering a kitten prior to 5 months old. We recommend males to be neutered at 5-6 months, females spayed at 6 months old. All kittens are vaccinated prior to leaving. Our kittens are only sold as Pet Quality only.
Please email for more information.
Serious inquiries only.