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About Us

Our ragdoll cattery is located in rural Baldwin, Wisconsin. We live in a renovated 160 year old farm home. Our love of raising cats has grown over 50 years, from growing up with cats, to having cats as family members in our home, and around our farm. Our family fell in love with the fantastic docile temperament and beautiful appearance of the ragdoll. We decided to only breed purebred and enjoy the low maintenance, easy going, playful, and exceptionally friendly qualities of the ragdoll cat. We are now approaching our 21st year of raising only top quality purebred ragdolls.

We treat each individual cat and kitten with unconditional love and attention. We spare no expense when it comes to health and all our cats are tested for all feline diseases. Our adult cats are allowed to roam freely throughout our home and are strictly indoor cats. They eat high quality food; get a well-balanced diet, and get lots of human attention. Kittens are fully litter trained, vaccinated and in top physical condition and well socialized before leaving our home. We are a Closed Private cattery and a Private residence. No cats other than our breeding family enters our home at any time. Please view our Contact Us page for more about policy and scheduled appointments.  

Our kittens are raised in gated nursery rooms, specially designed for kitten play and ability. This keeps our mother cats very content, and our kittens very safe and secure. We are never searching under a couch or in a closet for our kittens. Our kittens get lots of attention and socializing before leaving. They are not shy or afraid. They make the transition from our home to yours very easily. I encourage everyone to read our Reviews, this will give you a really good idea of how much joy and happiness bringing one of our wonderful ragdoll kittens into your life will be. Also take a look at the Ragdolls with Pets page, this will end any doubts about our ragdoll kittens with companion dogs, cats and other pets. We also offer health supplements, grooming tools, toys, litterbox and cat trees that we use and train our kittens to be used to. All items are shown in our Supplies page, Beyond the Valley Cat Products so please take a look!,