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Ragdolls are known for their ability to adapt with other pets easily.
This question is asked all the time, can the kitten get used to my dog, cat or other pets? This is proof Beyond the Valleyragdoll kittens do get along very well. The time to adjust varies from pet to pet but it is usually within a couple days for the companionship to occur. These are photos that have been sent to me from people that have adopted a Beyond the Valley -Ragdoll kitten.

3 Best Friends

Gryphon & Bailey

Gryphon & Taz

Dirk & Hoot

Grendel and Violet

We were sleeping!

Tallie & Molly - best friends!

B. and Faust- pals forever!

Cat & Dog!

My 3 dogs!

Bruno and his big Golden Buddy!

New Pals!

Tinker and Bartimaeus - Best of friends!

Pixie and Pixel

Annie and her buddies!

Kira and Baby

Tootsie & Lady Freya

Freya, Annie, Mugsie and Tootsie

Sue Gerstenzang

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