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We now have a Facebook Page! Please "like" us to keep updated about our kittens at: https://www.facebook.com/beyondthevalleyragdolls

Beyond the Valleyragdolls offers purebred ragdoll kittens in many colors:
Seal, blue, chocolate, sepia, lilac, flame, cream, chocolate, bicolor, color point, mitted, tortie, torbie, lynx, and mink.

Beyond the Valleyragdoll kittens are available every month throughout each year. Our ragdoll kittens leave at 11-12 weeks of age. All our ragdoll kittens are litter trained, dewormed, socialized, and receive 2 sets of vaccines prior to leaving. Our ragdoll cats and kittens are registered with
TICA (The International Cat Association).

All our ragdoll kittens are sold as Pets with an agreement to be Altered, and are Not sold for breeding purpose. There is a spay-neuter contract reqiurement with a health guarantee when purchasing a Beyond the Valley ragdoll kitten. See Contracts below for details.

* Example photos on this page will be shown from past kittens of the same parents if they are are expecting kittens soon or are available for placement but not old enough to pose. Actual kitten photos are not shown until the kittens are 4-5 weeks old.

Kitten reservations are accepted at any time. Most of our kittens are held in advance and are never advertised. When reserving in advance we will try to match you with your choice or similar, as kittens become available.

Kitten placement is by order of reservation. Reservations require a Non-Refundable deposit, please see Purchasing a Kitten below for details.

If your kitten of choice is not in one litter, you will have more to choose from soon. Every litter is different; this will determine the wait time. We can estimate color-patterns based on past kittens from the same parents. It may take patience and more than one litter to get your choice. We will keep you posted with updates and announcements weekly. Advice and suggestions for getting ready begins right away. Ragdoll kitten photos begin at 2 weeks old and sent only to those who have reservations for that kitten.

Kitten Pick-up Policy:
Please keep in mind when selecting and reserving kittens; All kittens must leave on the posted scheduled leaving date. Pick up before the date of leaving is not possible.

All times and days of pick-up must be confirmed within 3 weeks of the leaving date. All pickup days are scheduled on a Saturday. Pickup times are during DAY hours between
(10 am - 4 pm) on the scheduled day. Evening pick-ups are NOT possible.

If a scheduled time and day for pickup is not confirmed within 3 weeks of the leaving date; the kitten sale will be cancelled and that kitten will become available for purchase again. Deposits are not refunded. This is not negotiable.

Custom scheduling a leaving date after a reservation has been made for a kitten with a scheduled leaving time, will add an additional $150 fee to your balance. Custom scheduling is a hardship here, and not always possible. Delay until the following Saturday may be the only option. A $150 fee will still be added if there is a delay to the following Satuday, this is considered a kennel fee.

All leaving dates are determined by age, ability, and required time for all preparation for leaving. Early pickups are NEVER an option.

If you accept a kitten offered to you and change your mind and then want to select a different kitten, an additional $300 fee will be charged. Please be certain you are reserving or accepting the kitten you wanted.

All airport deliveries are by appointment only and Only to meet people traveling by airline with a ticket. The airline reservation date must be planned a day after the leaving day and within a week of that first day. Proof of your airline reservation must be emailed within a week of reserving a kitten. If not, the kitten will be considered available and resold. Airport deliveries are only from April to October due to unpredictable weather during the winter season.

Altering, a Required Policy:
WE DO NOT SELL KITTENS FOR BREEDING PURPOSES, only as pets that will be neutered or spayed at the correct age.
You must agree to get your kitten altered, spayed for females, neutered for males. At leaving time, our required legal agreement is signed, which states you will spay or neuter your kitten by age 6 months old. Documentation of proof of Spay or Neuter is required to receive your papers and continue your health guarantee.
There are serious health risks altering a kitten prior to 5 months old, we recommend males to be neutered at 5 months, females spayed at 6 months old. All kittens are vaccinated prior to leaving. Our kittens are only sold as Pet Quality only.

Please email me for more information or questions.
Serious inquiries only.

A Non-Refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve our ragdoll kittens. This includes payments by money order or credit card.

If there is an unexpected situation which prevents you from completion of the purchase, we must be contacted within 2 weeks after deposit was placed; only then a one time, new kitten selection will be allowed. There has to be a valid reason, for example, loss of job or illness. Kitten selection must be made within 60 days of the first purchase. A $250 cancellation fee will be added to your balance. There are No Refunds - No exceptions.

- We Only accept Paypal for kitten Deposits. -
With every Paypal transaction there is a 4% service fee that is added to the final balance. You will receive a receipt within a few minutes of making a reservation.
• The remaining balance is Cash Only at pickup time.
• Paypal payments towards your balance will only be accepted if made within 14 working days prior to your kittens' leaving time. A Paypal service fee is added to your final balance if using this
method for final payment.

• Personal checks & money orders are Not accepted for a kitten deposit.
• Checks are not accepted towards the final balance.
• A Certified Bank Cashiers money order is accepted for the final balance provided it is received 14 working days prior to your kitten leaving and mailed with tracking insurance.
Please email or call prior to any reservation, to verify a kitten availability before reserving.
$850 ea. Pet Quality
Deposit of $300 pr kitten, required
to reserve. Balance & Service transaction fee due at pick up -
Cash only.

(Deposits are Non Refundable)

July & August
Shown are example photos of past related kittens in the same color and patterns.

Expecting Kittens in May & June!
- Reserving Now -

Chocolate lynx mink mitted

Seal mitted

Chocolate lynx

Seal color point

Sepia Seal mitted mink

Blue point

Sepia Seal mink

Sepia Blue mink


Chocolate tortie

Please visit our Testimonials to
really get that wonderful feeling of how much joy our ragdoll kittens
will bring to your life too!

for Any time!

We have litters monthly - if you do not see what you are looking for, Please Ask! We will likely have your preference soon.
or email.




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Our contract states if there is a fatality due to a genetic illness during the first year, the illness must be proven by a licensed veterinarian and necrospy. A full refund is offered or replacement of the kitten when one is available. Our contract includes a 24 hr. health and genetic guarantee for up to 2 years. This does not include fungal, bacterial or external parasite ailments. I must be contacted within 24 hrs after leaving, if there is any concern. Return, replacement of the kitten, and medication will be offered. Medical expenses are not included. It is in our best interest to not have any health issues and we do our best to ensure a safe, healthy purchase. We discourage de-claw of our kittens. We understand there can be problem situations. We will work with you on training techniques. Most ragdoll owners realize these are not aggressive cats and if given the proper scratching furniture will not damage your home, and rarely react aggressively with their claws. If you give your kitten the feline leukemia/FIP/FIV vaccination, all guarantees will be void. If you give the rabies vaccine, we take no liability for any adverse effects or death. Several deaths and severe reactions have occurred after rabies vaccines were administered to our ragdoll kittens and cats. If you decide to declaw all health guarantees are void.
If you do not follow this advice, all guarantees will be void.

We do not ship our ragdoll kittens they are too young and fragile at ready time to travel in pet cargo safely.
We are no longer offering delivery to the airport. It is more reasonable to rent a vehicle and drive here.
We are located 50 minutes east of MSP International Airport.

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Sue Gerstenzang

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